Adobe MAX EEP 2018




Los Angeles, CA


Executive level customers who use Adobe creative cloud products


The Executive Dinner Experience at Adobe MAX conference is designed to immerse their corporate clients in a creative atmosphere that reflects the high-level creative solutions provided by Adobe products. We helped bring the Executive Experience themes to life by creating engaging experiences that demonstrated the event’s tag-line branding. “Create What’s Hard” was portrayed with an interactive color shadow that changed the color of our guest’s shadows when they walked by. “Playtime is Never Over” was illustrated with a nostalgic life-size Lite Brite game for guests to create their own lighted art. “Indulge in the Details” was a sensory delight with an exclusive tea blending experience, where guests were able to explore different tea variations and learn the health benefits associated with each variation. The overall event experience was designed to honor the customer’s own experiences with Adobe creative cloud products.

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