Delivering Events that Help Clients Succeed.

We value our relationships with you to produce an outstanding experience.


What Our Team Brings

Our talented team reflects confidence + attention to detail, with a thorough work ethic in all the projects we attain. We are experienced + enthusiastic about producing and coordinating events. We live for the excitement for taking on projects + giving the events + clients the utmost care. Each of our team members has extensive knowledge + poise in the industry while individually bringing something unique to the table.


Why We Are Unique

We take pride in being a boutique agency and that is exactly what makes us unique. Through our focus on quality and attention to client satisfaction, our goal is to build longstanding relationships with our customers. We are always looking to improve our customer's overall experience through feedback solicitation and ongoing communication.


How We Give Back

As an events agency, we also have the capacity to be socially and environmentally responsible. We utilize digital tools such as Adobe Sign, Electronic Web documents, and digital file management to eliminate waste. As a team, we support local nonprofits and continually give back to our community.

Meet Our Team

Carver Wright


Carver's unwavering passion for event planning originated during his formative years when he orchestrated the logistics for his high school's homecoming celebration. With a remarkable track record spanning over 20+ years in the corporate events industry, including 11 years within the hospitality sector and 2 years in an experimental marketing agency, he amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. These valuable experiences served as a foundation for the establishment of Bryan Allen Events in 2011, effectively cementing Carver's lifelong dedication to corporate events.

Stephanie Brightwell

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Bryan Allen Events, Stephanie serves as the visionary leader of the entire team. She earned her bachelor's degree in history and criminal justice from San Francisco State University, along with a master's degree in education. After serving as a distinguished high school teacher for five years, Stephanie made a decisive career shift into the event planning industry in 2015, following persuasive encouragement from Carver. Since embarking on her new professional path, Stephanie has rapidly established herself as a respected industry leader, demonstrating exceptional aptitude in managing global events. Her passion for event planning has led her to travel extensively, further expanding her knowledge and expertise in the field.

Michelle Thomas

Accounts Director

Michelle Thomas is an accomplished events professional with a business degree from Miami University in Oxford Ohio. With over a decade of experience representing brands, she has a proven track record of success in corporate campaign management, sales, marketing, and sponsorship strategies. Michelle's greatest strength lies in building relationships and negotiating with clients and partners to promote brands across diverse markets. Michelle joined Bryan Allen Events as an Account Director, where she leads diverse and cross-functional teams to exceed their goals. With the ability to work comfortably in high-pressure environments, Michelle is an expert in issue resolution and remaining calm under pressure. Fun fact: Michelle is an excellent sherpa!

Sherice Dean

Accounts Director

Sherice obtained her Master of Nutrition and Exercise Science from Oregon State University, where she was first introduced to the world of events through a college event planning course. Since then, her professional journey has encompassed a diverse range of roles, including hotel sales, corporate events, wedding planning, and association conferences. Her extensive experience in these various facets of event planning has enabled her to cultivate a wide-ranging skill set, which she continues to develop and enhance. As a testament to her creativity and ingenuity, Sherice's Pinterest boards are replete with an array of innovative and distinctive ideas eagerly awaiting implementation.

Nikki Gates

Events Manager

Since 2015, Nikki has been an integral part of the Bryan Allen Events team. Her exceptional interpersonal skills enable her to establish genuine connections with others, and her positive attitude imbues every project she manages with a sincere enthusiasm. Although Nikki was initially drawn to the event planning industry due to her keen eye for detail, it is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with her clients and industry colleagues that has cemented her passion for events. Nikki excels under pressure and thrives in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments, consistently delivering outstanding results.

Renee Mendrala

Event Specialist

Renee, who has been an esteemed member of the Bryan Allen team since 2019, relocated from San Francisco to Sacramento. She brings valuable experience from years of Management in the Hospitality Industry. She made the smooth transition into Corporate Event planning and never looked back! Renee's commitment, combined with her passion and expertise, make her an invaluable asset to the team. She looks forward to continuing her journey with Bryan Allen and contributing to the company's ongoing growth and achievements.

Jackie Taylor

Finance Manager

Meet Jackie Taylor, the newest accounting expert at Bryan Allen Events, with an impressive 30 years of experience in finance and business management. Jackie's transition to event planning has given her a fresh perspective, allowing her to apply her skills in new and exciting ways to the team. While her primary role is managing the books, Jackie is always eager to lend a hand and get involved in event planning, ensuring every event is executed flawlessly. Outside of work, you'll find Jackie exploring the great outdoors, hiking, camping, and seeking new adventures. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm make her a valuable member of the team, ready to lead the way in creating truly incredible events.

Mission + Vision + Values

Our Mission
Delivering Ideas + Values at Every Turn
Our Vision
Delivering Ideas + Values at Every Turn
Our Values
Delivering Ideas + Values at Every Turn

Our Mission

> Think Radically.

> Create Innovatively.

> Plan Perfectly.

> Execute Flawlessly.

Our Vision

Our vision keeps us focused on what it takes to never stop improving, growing, and evolving as an organization.

People: Support and encourage our team to achieve their utmost potential.

Efficiency: Streamline processes while maintaining effective results.

Environment: Provide a unique work environment that drives inspiration, passion and laughter.

Growth: Constantly move forward and evolve expertise.

Partner: Nourish and develop strong relationships enriching our value.

Services: Exceed expectations in delivering more than just a service.

Our Values

Our values help define our winning corporate culture.

Accountability: Take ownership; be responsible.

Balance: Home is just as important to us as the office.

Development: Strive towards self-actualization.

Empowerment: Be proactive; take action.

Quality: We do our best and nothing less.

Respect: We are all equal.

Transparency: Be honest and show integrity.

Unity: There is no “I” in team.